August: A Tiger and a Shiny New Floor

August is not a busy month in the Village Hall so there is not a great deal to report. The main hall floor has been re-sealed and polished, and looks really good.

The cinema  night went well Life of Pi was indeed a good film and was much enjoyed by those who attended. On September 7th we are showing Hitchcock, a film about Alfred and his wife’s relationship as well as being a glimpse of the days of classic Hollywood. To quote one reviewer: “Anthony Hopkins as Hitchcock and Helen Mirren as Alma are alone worth the price of the ticket.” It also stars Janet Leigh and Jessica Biel, so an excellent cast.

We have had to swap round our October and November cinema programme due to availability of the films. So in October it will be Song for Marion, and in November Behind the Candelabra. We look forward to seeing you at one or all of the above.

We have just had the sad news that the Friday Table Tennis club has had to close due to lack of numbers.  We thank them for their support of the hall and wish them all well. However there is still one being held on a Wednesday afternoon if any one wishes to play, let’s hope that this continues to thrive.

SESAW had to cancel their fund raining event in August due to ill health of one of their organizers, but you will see they have re booked for September 14th.  Let’s hope all goes well for them this time.

Lesley Collin